Interior Retrofit Window Systems

edi is a specialty manufacturer of interior window systems for architectually significent window retrofit projects. edi custom windows will maintain the traditional appearance of the original window, while achieving the modern energy standard required today.

Our Products and Services

  • 1000 & 2000 SeriesHorizontal Sliding
    Our horizontal sliding Series are the are the windows to specify for double-glazing window walls or punched openings.
  • 1200 & 2200 SeriesFixed Removable
    Uniquely designed for retrofiting windows that require no ventilation, but require ease of maintenance and access to the existing window.
  • 1100 & 2100 SeriesVertically Operating
    Our balanced series are ideal for treating windows requiring frequency of operation, natural ventilation and ease of maintenance.
  • 2300 SeriesCasement
    Need description here.

Technical Data and Short Form Architectural Data

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